Personal comparison is better than loan calculator.

They are popular and easy to reach online – loan calculators. They are designed to enable the borrower to calculate the key features of his or her potential loan. This includes, for example, loan amount, interest and repayment rate. But how trustworthy and reliable are the loan calculators? To anticipate the answer to this question: you won’t find any on our site.

Why are the loan calculators wrong?

Why are the loan calculators wrong?

Serious and honest loan comparisons can only take place taking your very personal situation into account, because this is the only way to find the optimal term and interest rate. Although loan calculators can be used as a rough guide, they should never serve as the basis for your decision. Because a calculation of the possible loans is wrong from the start.

A calculator knows neither your individual needs nor your requirements and often attracts with cheap loans that cannot occur. This quickly leads to the conclusion of a loan that quickly turns out to be a rip-off. They are also often manipulated by providers in such a way that addresses and other sensitive data are collected. The information collected is then often passed on to customer buyers or sellers who use aggressive methods.

You should therefore always make sure to make your credit comparison personally. We offer you up to 20 individually tailored and feasible offers with affordable interest, from which you can choose the one that suits you. Fast, easy, serious.

How do loan calculators work?

How do loan calculators work?

A loan calculator always calculates your potential loan with the help of a database created by the operator of the respective calculator. In plain language, this means that the information you enter on the computer is compared with that in the database. Based on this comparison, an offer will be made to you.

However, neither the calculator nor the ejected offer sufficiently records your individual situation. It is not uncommon for the data with which your request is compared to be out of date and the resulting offers are also incorrect. A reliable and realistic comparison can only take place taking into account your individual, current conditions.

What personal information does the loan calculator want?

What personal information does the loan calculator want?

A credit calculator is primarily about collecting your personal data. Above all, the computer wants:

  • Your income
  • Your debt
  • Your living situation
  • the number of people in your household
  • Your expenses, such as housing costs, insurance, car, etc.

In addition, details of your desired credit will be requested from you in advance. This means that the loan amount, preferred interest rate and term must be specified. Loan calculators that generate Credit bureau entries automatically when used are particularly dangerous.

If this happens to you, you will no longer receive credit from many banks due to your loss of creditworthiness. For these and other reasons, we do not carry out a Credit bureau query because we know that you can fall into the debt trap completely innocently through such computers or otherwise.

What problems can arise with a loan calculator?

What problems can arise with a loan calculator?

The number of loan calculators made available on the Internet can hardly be overseen. Many of these are dubious providers that you should beware of. The following problems can arise:

  • Loan calculator from dubious providers
  • Loan calculator that automatically generate Credit bureau entries when used
  • Your data will not be protected and passed on
  • Computers often calculate inaccurately and incorrectly
  • Offers are often unrealistic

Our tip: make a personal loan comparison!

A serious comparison of loans can only be made on the basis of realistic offers, which we would be happy to send you on request. And 100% free of charge. With us, your data is subject to strict protection and is completely secure. With over 40 years of expertise, we are the right partner for your needs and will be happy to help you make your dreams come true.

Credit comparison – if correct!

Credit comparison - if correct!

A trustworthy and reputable credit comparison ensures the best result tailored to you, even without a loan calculator. You will also find the right loan, which enables you to finance your dream. Choose from the following types of credit and save yourself uncertain forecasts using a credit calculator:

  • Personal loans
  • instant credit
  • installment loan
  • car loan
  • small loan

We are guaranteed to find the right loan for you. Without a computer. A smaller loan often has a shorter term of a few months, whereas other, larger loans offer the possibility of a term of up to 180 months. You determine the lowest possible value for your interest rate yourself. Here, a lucrative effective annual interest rate can serve as an important point of reference.

As with Credit bureau, unlike many banks and perhaps also your private bank, we are not interested in the purpose of your loan and are entirely up to you. Whether a loan for a new car, a vacation or a mortgage: you decide for yourself. Take 2 minutes and submit your individual and free loan application.

There are no risks or hidden costs for you. Immediately after you have submitted your request to us, we will check your personal requirements and immediately start negotiating with national and international lenders for you. They will prepare a package tailored to you.

Shortly after submitting your application, we are able to offer you up to 20 serious, tailor-made options from which you can freely choose the one that suits your requirements. The loan offers vary in term, interest rate and other possible conditions, so that we are guaranteed to find the optimal loan for you. Without the risks that loan calculators pose.

Credit to tradesmen, where to obtain?

Credit to Tradesmen is a subject that credit often needs in our trades as everyone. Our tradesmen, who are in need of constant cash conversion, are behind the banks and the state in terms of credit and can get the most suitable loan with special interest rates.

How Is Trades Credit Calculated?

How Is Trades Credit Calculated?

When the owners apply to the banks for the tradesmen loan, they can receive attractive offers within the scope of the relevant regulations, such as personal requirement loans, without a certain amount and maturity limit. However, depending on the campaigns of the banks and the financial situation of your business, there may be a change in the amount of loan desired.

Is Guarantor Required When Taking A Tradesman Loan?

Is Guarantor Required When Taking A Tradesman Loan?

Banks do not require guarantors in general for loans used for commercial use, but there may be a change from bank to bank depending on the amount of the loan.

Most of the banks offer very attractive campaigns with special terms and percentages for% tradesmen and SMEs. Some banks may request certain documents during the application of tradesmen loan . But not every bank wants these documents.

  • Commercial register newspaper
  • Copy of the identity card of the partners, if there are partners.
  • Balance sheet and income statement for at least the last two years
  • Inventory of assets belonging to partners and company, if any
  • Signature Circulars
  • Documents such as the current tax plate may or may not be requested depending on the working status of the banks.

Why Do We Need Tradesmen Loan?

Why Do We Need Tradesmen Loan?

Our tradesmen sometimes need credit by having cash shortage when their expenses are more than their income, and sometimes they need credit to serve in larger branches in order to grow their businesses. First of all, let’s not forget that we need to apply as a business, not as an individual, so that we can apply for tradesmen loans.

When buying tradesmen loans, let’s not forget that banks evaluate the financial situation of the company, as well as the status of the owner and partners. Let’s not forget that our enterprise’s corporate rating must be good and that our individual rating must be good in order to receive the loan.

The interest rates vary from bank to bank as the tradesmen loans have a long maturity and a higher credit limit. It is useful to make a decision after making a loan comparison with the most suitable loan for your budget and purpose. Let us make this comparison for you, you just put your work on your credit.

I applied for tradesmen loan, I was refused, what should I do?

When applying for tradesmen loans, your credit registry is of great importance, just like normal loans. If your credit was rejected because your credit score is low, we should first investigate it and find out why our score is low.

Why Credit Rating Is Low;

  • Due to regular and timely unpaid bills and credit cards
  • Making multiple loan applications negatively affects your credit registry
  • You have a high limit card and your credit score will be low if this card is in debt.

It should not be forgotten that the banks do not want to give you money without being sure that they will get it back and without guaranteeing themselves.

Instant Payday Loans Online

Is there any more popular way to borrow than a quick payday loan online? We are probably forgetting that so far not many of us have had the opportunity to borrow officially.

More recently, a consumer loan has only been a privilege of the middle class. Meanwhile, the less well-off had to borrow from relatives. Or, of course, own resources, whatever they may be.

Who, Where, How, and Why: A History of Fast Payday Loans

credit loan

This is a difficult situation. No one could even think that there would ever be such a thing as instant payday loans that would be available to practically everyone.

Although they appeared earlier, online borrowing was most popular during the financial crisis. Many people lost not only part of their income or savings, but also their jobs. In these circumstances, ways of plugging the resulting financial holes were sought. And this is where instant payday loans came online. It is because of them that so many people have been able to move forward and buy time to deal with their situation. Such an urgent payday loan was a real salvation for many in need of money. Do nothing – unfortunate stories have happened. But about everything from the beginning.

As we mentioned, quick payday loans were offered even before the crisis. However, with the growth of the economy and wages in Lithuania and the many opportunities for emigration in Europe, not many people became interested in this service. Realizing this, the creditors did not even intend to actively promote their services. Abroad – where this service came from – things were different because the service had much deeper roots there.

However, things have changed with the onset of the economic crisis. Then many of the fast payday loan providers were well aware of the situation. They had a lot of capital, so they realized the need would be very high. Still, people lost their jobs, savings and / or income. In these circumstances, there will be an enormous need to somehow deal with the resulting cash holes after making other financial commitments. And here’s the quick credits …

Since the credits were originally provided by foreign capital, the latter rushed to increase its presence in Lithuania. After bringing in more capital here, he started a boom in fast loans. In the beginning, online loans were not as popular as SMS credits. In most cases, provincial residents who did not have Internet access and / or were not able to use it were looking for instant payday loans. Therefore, the bulk of the borrowing consisted of loans that were provided via SMS.

In addition, a very large proportion of all loan seekers were unemployed, meaning people lost their jobs and income during the crisis. We may have forgotten it now, but quick loans to the unemployed that year were as easy as others. It is not surprising that thousands of people who have lost their jobs have rushed to take advantage of this opportunity. Often without even thinking about the specific consequences. Just in Lithuania at that time there was no culture of borrowing or financial literacy. For this reason, instant payday loans have created as many problems as they have solved.

Problems with Quick Loans

Problems with Quick Loans

When you borrow with no income to cover your loan – you play with fire. This was also the case for many of those who were granted emergency loans during the crisis. After losing their jobs and all their income, people rushed to borrow. Unaware or unaware that these loans would have to be repaid very soon, they began to see problems there.

Since such loans are based on a formal contract, the person is obligated to make credit payments. Failure to do so may cause discomfort. One of these is fines for late payment of each installment. Penalties that are not one-off but accrue for each day of late payment.

Not to mention that not only the people but the state did not have much experience with quick loans. Therefore, the latter acted with great caution and initially did not interfere in these transactions between people and creditors. However, it did come at a cost. The result was that lenders had a great deal of freedom to set whatever interest rates they wanted and penalties for late payment. Very often it was very expensive. Sometimes a customer borrowing just a hundred euros could pay up to several times the number of fines late to repay the credit! This state incapacity had consequences.

Therefore, it was subsequently decided to deal with this situation. Restrictions on the granting of fast credits were introduced. As a result, loans to the unemployed were no longer granted. Nor could they be granted to those with limited incomes or over-indebtedness. The income and debts of other family members (such as spouses) were also taken into consideration before the opportunity to lend began.

The situation with online loans today

The situation with online loans today

Today, the situation is completely different than it was before the crisis. While SMS loans predominated in the past, nowadays the majority of loans are made online. As Internet users grow, the number of borrowers naturally increases. It’s not just a matter of simplicity.

It may be conceivable that borrowing by phone, ie SMS, is even easier than using the internet. But unlike sms credits, online loans are much easier to compare. It is easier to visit several different online creditor pages. This gives you an idea of ​​the real market situation and helps you to choose the cheapest instant payday loan. But there are other benefits. For example, online loans have their pages comparing prices and terms. They make it easy to look at today’s online loan terms offered by different lenders.

This is one of the most important arguments why online loans are growing in popularity. And while loans are no longer accessible to everyone as easily as before, this is where the future of the market lies, especially after the financial technology revolution, which has made loans even easier for everyone.