Everyone can use it, an advance of 500 euros, is it not because you need it because you go on holiday or have a party where you really need some money, then it is for an account of, for example, your mobile phone that you accidentally forgot to pay. Then an advance of 500 euros is a solution until your salary is paid. Extra costs to get an advance or mini loan are often optional. If you have more patience, you can keep a good grip on the extra costs and get an advance in a cheap way.

Advance payment 500 euros

Advance payment 500 euros

Borrowing money quickly is not always wise, only there are moments when it cannot be otherwise. Often a large loan such as a personal loan of 5,000 euros is not really necessary, but it is more convenient to be able to borrow a small amount of 500 euros for a short period. With a mini loan of 500 euros, you can request this easily and quickly, with some providers you can, if you are willing to pay extra costs, have the small loan in your account within 10 minutes.


Mini loan as an advance

Mini loan

Since you have to repay an advance on your salary quickly, namely within a maximum of 45 days, it is wise to first check whether you have the mini loan can repay. Here is a simple calculation for which you can calculate yourself whether you qualify for an advance of 500 euros. Start with the amount that you get deposited into your account each month, then deduct your monthly costs from this, the amount that you have left under the line that you can request as a mini loan. So it may well be that you end up with a lower amount than 500 euros, in that case, request a lower amount as an advance.


Borrow money quickly without a credit check

Borrow money quickly without bkr

For an advance of 500 euros, you do not have to worry about a possible credit check registration, a big advantage of the mini loan is that no credit check review is performed, having a payment backlog is, therefore, no problem. You must be able to repay the advance, but you have already been able to calculate that yourself with the above calculation.


Maximum advance payment


The amounts that you can request as an advance are a minimum of 100 euros and a maximum of 800 euros. Regarding the repayment term, this is set at a minimum of 15 days and a maximum of 45 days. If you stick to the repayment term, you can easily go there for a new mini loan the next time, you can even request this by text message, after which it will be deposited in your account at lightning speed. You no longer need to submit new papers. There is also no credit check for a follow-up request carried out.

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