Banks That Offer Loan Closing Loans

Depending on the needs, people who want to collect loans taken from different banks at different times under a single roof and make more regular payments apply for a loan. In this context, in order to benefit from the attractive conditions offered by banks, or for those who have difficulties in loan repayments, in order to structure their debts, the transfer of debts is realized as a result of the approval of the loan as a result of the evaluation of the request of the person requesting credit from another bank.

Banks that offer debt closing loans for loan users who want to collect their loan debt scattered in different banks in one bank offer options with various campaigns, attractive interest rates and terms. By examining the campaigns and options of these banks, loan closure loans can be obtained under the most favorable conditions.

About Debt Closure Loan

About Debt Closure Loan

Debt settlement loan includes the payment of all the remaining balance to the banks where the debt was previously, and the interest rates applied by the newly applied bank, and other options, by collecting all debts in a bank.

All banks that offer debt closing loans have their own various interest rates and options. For this reason, it will be advantageous to conduct the necessary examinations and researches before taking a loan, and to use loans with the most suitable options.

The loan is extended by signing a new loan agreement between the bank and the bank client for the loan loan and creating a payment plan.

The loan amount used to cover credit or credit card debts in another bank is closed by the related bank by sending EFT to other banks that the customer has previously owed. In this case, the bank customer, who is the subject of the loan, is obliged to pay his debt in installments to the bank that performs the transfer and regularly under the new contract.

What are the Requirements of Banks that Give Loan Closing Loans?

What are the Requirements of Banks that Give Loan Closing Loans?

People who want to close their debts belonging to other banks and collect them under one roof can use a new loan to cover their auto loan loans, consumer loans, and credit card debts. Housing loans are not considered in this context.

In order to use the debt closing loan, the payment habits, income status and profile of the person are evaluated. As a result of the evaluation, credit is extended to the people deemed appropriate by the bank.

The lending bank is expected to present the documents requested by the customer in full.

Credit cannot be used to cover a certain part of the debt from other banks. The entire debt must be closed.

No fee is requested from the customer for money transfers to be made to cover the debts.

The transfer process takes place between banks. In the loans received for the payment of credit card debts, the bank directly pays to the credit card.

What are the Documents Required for the Debt Closure Loan?

What are the Documents Required for the Debt Closure Loan?

Documents required in a general loan application will also be required to obtain a loan to pay off. These;

  • Income certificate,
  • Identification,
  • Certificate of residence,

Electricity, water, telephone or natural gas invoices for the last 3 months and other documents required by the bank.