Banks That Offer Loan Closing Loans

Depending on the needs, people who want to collect loans taken from different banks at different times under a single roof and make more regular payments apply for a loan. In this context, in order to benefit from the attractive conditions offered by banks, or for those who have difficulties in loan repayments, in order to structure their debts, the transfer of debts is realized as a result of the approval of the loan as a result of the evaluation of the request of the person requesting credit from another bank.

Banks that offer debt closing loans for loan users who want to collect their loan debt scattered in different banks in one bank offer options with various campaigns, attractive interest rates and terms. By examining the campaigns and options of these banks, loan closure loans can be obtained under the most favorable conditions.

About Debt Closure Loan

About Debt Closure Loan

Debt settlement loan includes the payment of all the remaining balance to the banks where the debt was previously, and the interest rates applied by the newly applied bank, and other options, by collecting all debts in a bank.

All banks that offer debt closing loans have their own various interest rates and options. For this reason, it will be advantageous to conduct the necessary examinations and researches before taking a loan, and to use loans with the most suitable options.

The loan is extended by signing a new loan agreement between the bank and the bank client for the loan loan and creating a payment plan.

The loan amount used to cover credit or credit card debts in another bank is closed by the related bank by sending EFT to other banks that the customer has previously owed. In this case, the bank customer, who is the subject of the loan, is obliged to pay his debt in installments to the bank that performs the transfer and regularly under the new contract.

What are the Requirements of Banks that Give Loan Closing Loans?

What are the Requirements of Banks that Give Loan Closing Loans?

People who want to close their debts belonging to other banks and collect them under one roof can use a new loan to cover their auto loan loans, consumer loans, and credit card debts. Housing loans are not considered in this context.

In order to use the debt closing loan, the payment habits, income status and profile of the person are evaluated. As a result of the evaluation, credit is extended to the people deemed appropriate by the bank.

The lending bank is expected to present the documents requested by the customer in full.

Credit cannot be used to cover a certain part of the debt from other banks. The entire debt must be closed.

No fee is requested from the customer for money transfers to be made to cover the debts.

The transfer process takes place between banks. In the loans received for the payment of credit card debts, the bank directly pays to the credit card.

What are the Documents Required for the Debt Closure Loan?

What are the Documents Required for the Debt Closure Loan?

Documents required in a general loan application will also be required to obtain a loan to pay off. These;

  • Income certificate,
  • Identification,
  • Certificate of residence,

Electricity, water, telephone or natural gas invoices for the last 3 months and other documents required by the bank.

Can I get a loan even if my credit rating is low?

In our country, people who want to buy anything first apply to banks because their savings are very low and their savings awareness is insufficient. Those who receive the income certificate apply to the nearest bank with an identity document for easy credit. After the loan application, bank staff will review your request and give you a positive or negative answer. In some cases, banks respond negatively to you in your loan application. 

If you are involved in any of the reasons listed above, banks will consider your loan request as negative. Apart from this, the bank also has its own evaluation systems and if you do not get a valid rating from this system, your request will be evaluated negatively. But your credit rating is actually at the core of all of the above items. Your credit rating is where banks first look and frequently use to evaluate you.

What is Credit Rating, How is it Calculated?

What is Credit Rating, How is it Calculated?

Credit rating is a financial evaluation system, which is also called KKB. In this system, the first to take the credit record is kept of any financial institution in Turkey, you receive your monthly credit payment performance and total loan amount is located. In addition, you have open follow-up accounts in banks and you have debts transferred to asset management companies. Thus, all information contained in this system is evaluated by company and you are given a grade. This note is called a credit note.

The credit rating is between 0 and 1900. 0 represents the lowest credit score, and 1900 represents the best credit score. For this reason, while the credit rating goes to 0, it prevents you to get a loan, while it goes up to 1900 and your credit request will result in a positive result.

How to Upgrade Your Credit Rating?

How to Upgrade Your Credit Rating?

In order to increase your credit rating, you must first make your credit payments regularly. It is very important in making monthly payments not only for installment loans but also for advance account and credit card. In addition, excessive borrowing lowers your credit score. For this reason, not going to borrow in long terms and in high amounts may increase your credit rating. Since applying to many banks while you want to take a loan will also decrease your credit rating, it is positive to investigate well before applying for a loan and not to apply to many banks to increase your credit rating.

My Credit Rating Is Low How Can I Get Credit?

My Credit Rating Is Low How Can I Get Credit?

If your credit rating is low, it is very difficult to get easy loans in front of banks. With the credit rating, which is very important for the banks, credit cannot be given to the people with bad records. But at this point, there is such a website; It provides instant and easy credit to those who are corrupt, blacklisted and executed. The expert team on this site can help you get credit in a short time by telling you the ways to use the loan in the most convenient way.

Instant Credit Opportunity for the Registry is Corrupted

Instant Credit Opportunity for the Registry is Corrupted

Everyone who applies through the site has the opportunity to get credit by meeting face-to-face with our expert team. If you have a bad record, low credit rating and enforcement proceedings, you can get an easy loan by filling out the application form on the site. Our expert team will provide you with the most useful and fastest service if you fill all the gaps in the application form in the most accurate and proper way for loan application.

With the consultancy company that has been serving you since 2014, over 1200 people have left our credit services without income certificates. Our expert team, which is just a click away, guides you in your loan requests, and shares your ways of obtaining loans even if your registry is corrupt.

Today, the difficulties experienced by people who cannot get loans from banks after borrowing money from those who are called usurers, are trying to prevent you from living too. Our team of experts ensures that you get credit in the shortest and most reliable way with the service it provides.

In addition, we do not demand any file fee, prepay, road fee and payment by deed as some companies want. You can visit our website 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to get easy loans, and you can make your loan application instantly. Your application will be evaluated by our expert team as soon as possible and you will get back to you.

Personal comparison is better than loan calculator.

They are popular and easy to reach online – loan calculators. They are designed to enable the borrower to calculate the key features of his or her potential loan. This includes, for example, loan amount, interest and repayment rate. But how trustworthy and reliable are the loan calculators? To anticipate the answer to this question: you won’t find any on our site.

Why are the loan calculators wrong?

Why are the loan calculators wrong?

Serious and honest loan comparisons can only take place taking your very personal situation into account, because this is the only way to find the optimal term and interest rate. Although loan calculators can be used as a rough guide, they should never serve as the basis for your decision. Because a calculation of the possible loans is wrong from the start.

A calculator knows neither your individual needs nor your requirements and often attracts with cheap loans that cannot occur. This quickly leads to the conclusion of a loan that quickly turns out to be a rip-off. They are also often manipulated by providers in such a way that addresses and other sensitive data are collected. The information collected is then often passed on to customer buyers or sellers who use aggressive methods.

You should therefore always make sure to make your credit comparison personally. We offer you up to 20 individually tailored and feasible offers with affordable interest, from which you can choose the one that suits you. Fast, easy, serious.

How do loan calculators work?

How do loan calculators work?

A loan calculator always calculates your potential loan with the help of a database created by the operator of the respective calculator. In plain language, this means that the information you enter on the computer is compared with that in the database. Based on this comparison, an offer will be made to you.

However, neither the calculator nor the ejected offer sufficiently records your individual situation. It is not uncommon for the data with which your request is compared to be out of date and the resulting offers are also incorrect. A reliable and realistic comparison can only take place taking into account your individual, current conditions.

What personal information does the loan calculator want?

What personal information does the loan calculator want?

A credit calculator is primarily about collecting your personal data. Above all, the computer wants:

  • Your income
  • Your debt
  • Your living situation
  • the number of people in your household
  • Your expenses, such as housing costs, insurance, car, etc.

In addition, details of your desired credit will be requested from you in advance. This means that the loan amount, preferred interest rate and term must be specified. Loan calculators that generate Credit bureau entries automatically when used are particularly dangerous.

If this happens to you, you will no longer receive credit from many banks due to your loss of creditworthiness. For these and other reasons, we do not carry out a Credit bureau query because we know that you can fall into the debt trap completely innocently through such computers or otherwise.

What problems can arise with a loan calculator?

What problems can arise with a loan calculator?

The number of loan calculators made available on the Internet can hardly be overseen. Many of these are dubious providers that you should beware of. The following problems can arise:

  • Loan calculator from dubious providers
  • Loan calculator that automatically generate Credit bureau entries when used
  • Your data will not be protected and passed on
  • Computers often calculate inaccurately and incorrectly
  • Offers are often unrealistic

Our tip: make a personal loan comparison!

A serious comparison of loans can only be made on the basis of realistic offers, which we would be happy to send you on request. And 100% free of charge. With us, your data is subject to strict protection and is completely secure. With over 40 years of expertise, we are the right partner for your needs and will be happy to help you make your dreams come true.

Credit comparison – if correct!

Credit comparison - if correct!

A trustworthy and reputable credit comparison ensures the best result tailored to you, even without a loan calculator. You will also find the right loan, which enables you to finance your dream. Choose from the following types of credit and save yourself uncertain forecasts using a credit calculator:

  • Personal loans
  • instant credit
  • installment loan
  • car loan
  • small loan

We are guaranteed to find the right loan for you. Without a computer. A smaller loan often has a shorter term of a few months, whereas other, larger loans offer the possibility of a term of up to 180 months. You determine the lowest possible value for your interest rate yourself. Here, a lucrative effective annual interest rate can serve as an important point of reference.

As with Credit bureau, unlike many banks and perhaps also your private bank, we are not interested in the purpose of your loan and are entirely up to you. Whether a loan for a new car, a vacation or a mortgage: you decide for yourself. Take 2 minutes and submit your individual and free loan application.

There are no risks or hidden costs for you. Immediately after you have submitted your request to us, we will check your personal requirements and immediately start negotiating with national and international lenders for you. They will prepare a package tailored to you.

Shortly after submitting your application, we are able to offer you up to 20 serious, tailor-made options from which you can freely choose the one that suits your requirements. The loan offers vary in term, interest rate and other possible conditions, so that we are guaranteed to find the optimal loan for you. Without the risks that loan calculators pose.

Loan for housing and renovation

Many people, even at a very young age, dream of finding their own corner. A small apartment or large house is a dream come true for many of us. So how do you find the right place? What to look for? What to avoid

There is no single answer to these questions

There is no single answer to these questions

They are very important, so we should think carefully about them. First of all, we should know what we like. We need to know our needs and find a solution that will suit them.

When choosing a future place of residence, we should pay attention to its location. A home that will be far from our workplace, school or college will certainly not be a good solution. A good location that will allow us to move quickly and efficiently is a key element when choosing a house or apartment.

When we finally find a place that suits us, it’s worth going to the architect. Seeking his advice is very important. It will help us to go through all stages of building our house in the easiest way possible. It will also take into account the needs that our place of residence should provide us.

An architect is necessary when building a house. However, if your choice is an apartment, you should use the services of an interior designer. We can take care of arranging our apartment ourselves. Proprietary solutions may be the best. However, if we have no talent for design, the services of an interior designer will be invaluable.

It is worth reaching for them. The interior designer will take into account all our needs and make the apartment not only stylishly furnished, but also functional. This is an important element to take care of when renovating an apartment. A good device and taking care of the smallest details will make us avoid many unpleasant situations in the future.

Many people are worried not only about finding a good architect or designer

Many people are worried not only about finding a good architect or designer

For many people, especially young people, money is a big problem, which is necessary to buy an apartment or build a house. Our budget, which is very often limited, may be a reason for us not to search for our own place. However, there are solutions that can help us in this situation.

The first is saving. By putting aside money, we may have fewer financial problems in the future that will help us build a house or renovate an apartment. However, if our budget is still too small, we can reach for a loan. A loan for housing and renovation can be a great idea that will help us realize our dreams. So it’s worth considering this option.

When buying a flat or a house, pay attention primarily to the location. It is the main aspect that we should consider. Good location will provide us with great communication and save many unpleasant situations in the future. So it’s good to think about this problem and think carefully about all the pros and cons of the place.

Secondly, it is worth knowing exactly our needs. Thanks to this, we will know what exactly we need and what is unnecessary. This is another point that you should think carefully about.

Choosing an apartment or buying or building a house is a challenge for many people. We have to deal with problems such as location or finances. So it’s worth thinking about it. We should primarily use the professional services of an architect and interior designer who will help us make better decisions and make our apartment more functional.

This is very important if we want to avoid unwanted situations and unexpected problems in the future. Let’s remember that financial issues, which are a real challenge for many people, can be easily solved. We can easily reach for a loan or a loan that will help us fulfill our dreams. A house or apartment does not have to be just a distant vision or a distant plan. We can implement this plan now. It all depends on our willingness and what we need at the moment.

A new house or apartment is a thing without which we cannot imagine our life. It is its inseparable element, without which it is difficult for us to function. The most important thing is for our apartment to be functional and provide us with all our needs. The help of an architect or designer may be necessary here, which is why it is definitely worth considering. A well-furnished apartment in which we will be happy to stay is a treasure that is worth taking care of.

Advance payment 500 euros – Mini Loan

Everyone can use it, an advance of 500 euros, is it not because you need it because you go on holiday or have a party where you really need some money, then it is for an account of, for example, your mobile phone that you accidentally forgot to pay. Then an advance of 500 euros is a solution until your salary is paid. Extra costs to get an advance or mini loan are often optional. If you have more patience, you can keep a good grip on the extra costs and get an advance in a cheap way.

Advance payment 500 euros

Advance payment 500 euros

Borrowing money quickly is not always wise, only there are moments when it cannot be otherwise. Often a large loan such as a personal loan of 5,000 euros is not really necessary, but it is more convenient to be able to borrow a small amount of 500 euros for a short period. With a mini loan of 500 euros, you can request this easily and quickly, with some providers you can, if you are willing to pay extra costs, have the small loan in your account within 10 minutes.

Mini loan as an advance

Mini loan

Since you have to repay an advance on your salary quickly, namely within a maximum of 45 days, it is wise to first check whether you have the mini loan can repay. Here is a simple calculation for which you can calculate yourself whether you qualify for an advance of 500 euros. Start with the amount that you get deposited into your account each month, then deduct your monthly costs from this, the amount that you have left under the line that you can request as a mini loan. So it may well be that you end up with a lower amount than 500 euros, in that case, request a lower amount as an advance.

Borrow money quickly without a credit check

Borrow money quickly without bkr

For an advance of 500 euros, you do not have to worry about a possible credit check registration, a big advantage of the mini loan is that no credit check review is performed, having a payment backlog is, therefore, no problem. You must be able to repay the advance, but you have already been able to calculate that yourself with the above calculation.

Maximum advance payment


The amounts that you can request as an advance are a minimum of 100 euros and a maximum of 800 euros. Regarding the repayment term, this is set at a minimum of 15 days and a maximum of 45 days. If you stick to the repayment term, you can easily go there for a new mini loan the next time, you can even request this by text message, after which it will be deposited in your account at lightning speed. You no longer need to submit new papers. There is also no credit check for a follow-up request carried out.

The best loans for Used Cars

In our flat country, the second-hand market still occupies a preponderant place in the global sale of vehicles. In 2016, nearly 55% of registered cars were second hands. And it should be noted that Volkswagen, the famous German brand, saw its Golf and Polo models rank in the top 3 of the most popular used cars in Belgium. Sold more than 33 million copies since its release in 2003, the Golf has conquered citizens: every year, his models pass from hand to hand.

According to a study by Traxio , the former Febiac, the typical profile of the Belgian used car is none other than the VW Golf. And more precisely: gray, with a diesel engine and about 8 years and 4 months. Learn more about the documents needed when buying a used car and find out how to finance it with Good Finance.

Find your used car

Find your used car

When you start looking for a used car , you must ask yourself a few questions. What will be the use? What budget do you have? Is color important? What are the essential options for you? All these answers will help you refine your research.

Then, know that there are different ways to acquire an opportunity: via an individual, a car dealer or a dealer or a certified network ( My Way , in the case of a VW). By opting for an individual , you will not receive a guarantee, but the price will be more interesting.

If you buy your used car from a dealer or dealer , you’ll get a minimum one-year warranty, but you’ll have to pay a little more. And yes, the merchant must eat his crust. In the latter case, you will enjoy the My Way guarantee . For a vehicle to benefit from this label, it must meet certain criteria: certainty as to age and mileage indicated, Car-Pass, quality network, complete check-out before resale, 1 year warranty to 3 years, …

Finance your car

Finance your car

It is not always easy to get 10,000 € out of your wallet. When you buy a used car from a professional, you must of course add 21% VAT. But you can also apply for a car loan (in Belgium, it is generally spread over three years). In this way, you keep your savings while enjoying your new purchase!

Receive the correct documents


When you buy a used car , you must pay attention to several aspects and make sure that certain documents are received correctly.

  • The purchase invoice is provided to the customer when the car is purchased (new) in concession and contains all the information related to the models.
  • The sales invoice , meanwhile, is the new invoice that you will receive from the professional seller. The name, address and VAT number of the distributor, as well as the names and addresses of the previous owners, must be mentioned. The price, terms of payment, car characteristics (make, model, chassis number, year of manufacture, mileage and delivery date), the warranty period and the resale price.
  • The registration card : this is the application for registration that you will send to the DIV. Without this, you will not be able to register the vehicle. It must be accompanied by the special sales inspection certificate, made at the latest 2 months before the day of the sale.
  • The certificate of visit to the technical control (CT): it concerns the vehicles of more than 4 years. This is a mandatory step for all vehicles from their 5th year of life.
  • The European certificate of conformity : it confirms that the vehicle corresponds to the description of the certificate of approval and is issued by the official manufacturer.
  • The Car-Pass : This is the official guarantee of actual mileage and is mandatory. Reading it carefully will allow you to note any irregularities. Printed on a special paper, it is protected against fraud, but check the authenticity on the site of Car-Pass. But if you tell yourself that a new vehicle would ultimately be better, you can compare here the cheapest car loans.