In our flat country, the second-hand market still occupies a preponderant place in the global sale of vehicles. In 2016, nearly 55% of registered cars were second hands. And it should be noted that Volkswagen, the famous German brand, saw its Golf and Polo models rank in the top 3 of the most popular used cars in Belgium. Sold more than 33 million copies since its release in 2003, the Golf has conquered citizens: every year, his models pass from hand to hand.

According to a study by Traxio , the former Febiac, the typical profile of the Belgian used car is none other than the VW Golf. And more precisely: gray, with a diesel engine and about 8 years and 4 months. Learn more about the documents needed when buying a used car and find out how to finance it with Good Finance.

Find your used car

Find your used car

When you start looking for a used car , you must ask yourself a few questions. What will be the use? What budget do you have? Is color important? What are the essential options for you? All these answers will help you refine your research.

Then, know that there are different ways to acquire an opportunity: via an individual, a car dealer or a dealer or a certified network ( My Way , in the case of a VW). By opting for an individual , you will not receive a guarantee, but the price will be more interesting.

If you buy your used car from a dealer or dealer , you’ll get a minimum one-year warranty, but you’ll have to pay a little more. And yes, the merchant must eat his crust. In the latter case, you will enjoy the My Way guarantee . For a vehicle to benefit from this label, it must meet certain criteria: certainty as to age and mileage indicated, Car-Pass, quality network, complete check-out before resale, 1 year warranty to 3 years, …

Finance your car

Finance your car

It is not always easy to get 10,000 € out of your wallet. When you buy a used car from a professional, you must of course add 21% VAT. But you can also apply for a car loan (in Belgium, it is generally spread over three years). In this way, you keep your savings while enjoying your new purchase!

Receive the correct documents


When you buy a used car , you must pay attention to several aspects and make sure that certain documents are received correctly.

  • The purchase invoice is provided to the customer when the car is purchased (new) in concession and contains all the information related to the models.
  • The sales invoice , meanwhile, is the new invoice that you will receive from the professional seller. The name, address and VAT number of the distributor, as well as the names and addresses of the previous owners, must be mentioned. The price, terms of payment, car characteristics (make, model, chassis number, year of manufacture, mileage and delivery date), the warranty period and the resale price.
  • The registration card : this is the application for registration that you will send to the DIV. Without this, you will not be able to register the vehicle. It must be accompanied by the special sales inspection certificate, made at the latest 2 months before the day of the sale.
  • The certificate of visit to the technical control (CT): it concerns the vehicles of more than 4 years. This is a mandatory step for all vehicles from their 5th year of life.
  • The European certificate of conformity : it confirms that the vehicle corresponds to the description of the certificate of approval and is issued by the official manufacturer.
  • The Car-Pass : This is the official guarantee of actual mileage and is mandatory. Reading it carefully will allow you to note any irregularities. Printed on a special paper, it is protected against fraud, but check the authenticity on the site of Car-Pass. But if you tell yourself that a new vehicle would ultimately be better, you can compare here the cheapest car loans.

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